WoodU Climbing Frame

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WoodU Climbing Frame /Modular Ladder

Unique stainless steel system - that's what distinguishes us from any other modifable piklers!

It is the most transformable, versatile and easy to use climbing frame in the world!

See the setup video

The WoodU Climbing Frame has been designed to support children's psychological development and their physical needs of moving around freely in a safe environment at home.
The WoodU Climbing Frame poses a challenge for babies and toddlers and lets your child discover what its body is capable of.
Children may not climb on the triangle straight away and will check it out first. Depending on their age they may use it to pull themselves up into a standing position or crawl underneath. Older children might carefully climb to the top and back down again before they master to climb over it.

Angles can be easily adjusted by one person only with 15° increments while the modules stay attached to each other
WoodU Climbing Frame allows to set up the classic pikler in 11 unique positions (and many more after adding more modules)
Handcrafted in Poland using stainless steel gear system designed by WoodU, hardwearing and strong 22 mm thick melamine plywood and hoop beech dowel rungs, the WoodU modifable pikler triangle is made to last
the pikler can bounce a little under heavy load without harming the user or the product. Connections are strong and completly safe.
suitable from 6 months (no age limit)
we suggest letting them explore freely, but always be within a safe distance to assist if required.
suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Equipment should be kept dry and protected from the elements.
tested to 190 kg/330lb
optional ramp/slide


Choose from:

2 long or 4 shorts to have classic pikler,
2 long one short,
2 long, 2 shorts
4 shorts
6 shorts


Long side panel: 107,2 cm/42.21"
Short side panel: 57,6 cm/ 22.68"
Width: 74 cm/29.13"
Panel width: 8cm/3,15"
Space between rungs: 9.4 cm/3,70"

How does it work?

The rung on the connection of the two modules releases and removes the lock. Rotate the rung until the mechanism is unlocked, which is indicated by the bolt protruding 5mm above the side panel.
Then place the modules in the desired position and block the mechanism by turning the rung in the opposite direction until the mounting bolt is back in line with the side panel (a slight movement may be required to insert the locking mechanism into the slot).

See the setup video

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