SOLID BEECHWOOD Montessori Toddler Rack

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Setting up an accessible, well-organized toy shelf for your little one is a great way to encourage more meaningful, focused play – and learning – at home.
Children learn naturally in an environment where they have access to the right tools; an environment that is just their size.

Woodu shelf is:

- OPEN: Toys can remain visible - children are able to easily access all their toys (children spend less time digging through an overflowing toybox looking for something to do. This helps build independence and concentration).
- SAFE, SOLID, STABLE: Infant can use the shelve to pull to standing - the shelf holds the child’s weight.
- SIMPLE IN DESIGN: Minimalist and beautiful, made up of natural materials
- LONG LASTING: Can be used right through toddlerhood and even for preschoolers.
- 3 different depth shelves gives you lots of flexibility
- Flat-packed - easy for you to transport and assembly at home
This unique wooden shelf is a great organizer for living room, bedroom, kindergartens, study, etc.
It's ideal to display your favorite books, plants or any decorative pieces.


Shelf thickness: 0,1"| 2,5 cm

Height: 45,8" | 116,4 cm
Width: CUSTOM:
47,2"| 120 cm
39,37"| 100 cm
31,5"| 80cm

Shelves depth:
bottom 15,75" | 40 cm
middle 13,77" | 35 cm
top 10,23" | 26 cm

Bottom depth: 16,9"| 43 cm
Top depth: 10,6"| 27 cm

Distance between:
floor and bottom shelf: 7"| 18 cm
bottom and middle 13,4"| 34 cm
middle and top 11,4"| 29 cm
top shelf and top 10,6"| 27 cm

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